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Human Resources and Recruiting

Employee Relations

From Rewards/incentives, performance management and career planning to Investigations, Discipinary Action and Terminations, Power³ will leverage and protect your greatest asset, and greatest liability -> Your people!

Benefits Administration

Benefit plan development, implementation, communication and of streamlined adninistrative processes, Power ³ will ensure you maximize the value of your benefits investments.

Programs and Policies

Shaping your programs and policies is critical to the foundation of your company, it protects you and informs your employees, and helps adhere to compliance, discrimination and legal standards, that ensure business stability

Recruiting and Onboarding

The sky is the limit with recruiting, implement a smart strategy for managing full life-cycle recruiting,  create a positive experience for incoming employees and select  top talent with Power³ expertise and guidance

Packaged Service Plans

This is a pre-set package of services designed for small businesses or for a tailored project with specific, goal-based deliverables.  Contact us for Package Options

Contract Service Plan

Contract-based services provided on an on-going basis for defined business services needs including full support in HR management and/or Recruiting

Time-Based Consulting

Pay only as needed for services rendered, we will provide  estimate of time required and establish timeline for delivery.  This could be for situations that arise periodically but are not ongoing.


This includes: 

- Employee handbook with programs, policies

- Benefits plans selection and implementation

- State/Federal compliance

- Instructions and Checklists

- HR Training

Start-up Support

Have a consultant available by email, phone and text to answer Human Resources related questions, resolve issues and ensure compliance.  

Monthly Internal Support

Pass the Buck!!  As an add-on to Monthly HR Support, you can opt to direct all employee HR questions, issues, needs and complaints to our hotline.  We will interpret your policies for them, assist with resolving claim issues and reduce your stress running interference on the typical employee needs

Employee Hotline

You hope for the best employees ever, but when things go wrong, we are there to conduct investigations, ensure proper compliance and documentation and play 'bad cop' up to and including terminations.  

Employee Relations,

Terminations and Disciplinary Action

Power³ will review and update all of your policies and programs on an annual basis, analyze new plan options and perform Open Enrollment communication and administration, and file audit.  Laws change, your business changes, and employee needs change and it's important to evaluate annually.

Audits, Updates and Revisions

Packaged Solutions



Power3 has full-cycle recruiters for all industries including technical and engineering capabilities:

  • Sourcing

  • Screening

  • Placing

  • Onboarding

  • Building Presence

  • Recruiting Systems

  • Data Calls

  • Pipelining